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Recruitment is vital for an organization’s success. Finding the right people, for the right job at the right time is key for a business to continue operating smoothly and meet all current and future needs.

Attracting and selecting quality staff is a challenge. Careful planning is required to ensure the right calibre of talent apply and are attracted to vacant positions. Depending on a business structure, sometimes an external recruitment partner is required to manage the process and deliver a shortlist of candidates. In this scenario, HR is responsible for delivering the brief and managing the relationship with the partner.

HR are often also responsible for; working with the hiring manager to define the role, creating a plan to attract applicants (internally or through a recruitment partner), screening candidates to make sure all skill and education requirements are met, conducting relevant testing, supporting the selection process and managing the appointment offer and onboarding.

HR also ensures the confidentiality of all applications in addition to reference checking and contract management. It is crucial candidates have an awareness and deep understanding of hiring laws and legislations, particularly in the area of discrimination.

Competition for HR professionals with the full range of skills and knowledge required for a company’s recruitment and selection process is fierce. With Halian being a recruitment specialist by trade, our detailed candidate attraction and qualification process has allowed us to build an unrivalled database of talent within this arena.

We qualify our candidates in great detail, delving into project experience, certifications held and studies undertaken. We work with our clients to understand the scale and detail of projects to ensure we find the right individual to fulfil each unique requirement.

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    My consultant at Halian is definitely on the top in this dimension. I appreciate their transparency, clarity and timeliness while handling a candidate.

    Abhishek Iyenger, Asset Manager at HSBC