Congratulations for 10 years in recruitment, Yaw!

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Our Renewables Director Yaw Boateng is celebrating 10 years in the recruitment industry today. You can read his success story here.

Congratulations Yaw! We’re glad you’re with us. Your team Halian


During my apprenticeship (retail clerk) I visited a good friend in Marbella, Spain on my vacation. There I met the managing director of EarthStream, Andre Habenicht, and we got along really well.

Back then I was 20 year-old, crazy and wild in a way that many would describe as “he’s still green behind the ears” and didn’t realise how a strong network and connections can open doors for you.

Andre Habenicht asked me during our conversation: “When will you finish your training?”

I replied, “Early 2013.”

After the holiday I thought nothing more of it, but looking back Andre Habenicht felt different about the situation: At the beginning of February 2013 he called me and made me the offer to start as a recruiter in Marbella!

Without knowing what challenges recruitment entails – objection handling, active sourcing, cold calling or negotiations with business partners, to name just a few – I immediately accepted.

In the very first week of work, I realised that I had to develop quickly as a person. In addition, I had to become an expert in the markets Oil & Gas, Property & Construction and of course Renewables (my passion!), including all technologies and processes relevant in the above industries as well as in recruitment.

So, I started as a recruiter in 2013 and after 7 months was already promoted to senior recruiter. Another year later I became a 360 consultant, which means that in addition to actively sourcing applicants, I had to build my own customer pool. That means: define the market in advance: why wind energy, who are the successful players, e.g project planners, energy suppliers, TSOs, OEMs, EPCs, etc.; To be an expert, you need to have all the details.

Since 2014, I have been exclusively involved in the renewable energy sector, not only because this market is future-oriented, but also because we, as specialists, are employed in a professional field that is relevant for (societal) systems to work and therefore offers us security in difficult times such as the recent pandemic. And besides safety: We do something good for our planet! #CarbonNeutral #Co2Free #EnergyTransition

In addition to all the professional skills that I have been able to acquire over the years, I have also built a strong network. Today I have great people in my inner circle who share my values and vision and with whom I have grown together. Teamwork is everything!

Here’s a huge thank you to: Andre Habenicht, Jamie Reynolds, Hani Al-Kutbi, Annemarie Berg, Kehoma Papenbrock.

With you #WinWinWin situations arise very easily. 🥰

In recruitment, we speak of a win-win-win situation when:

  • A customer is happy because the project and company goals are achieved through the placed candidate(s)
  • A candidate finds the right career opportunity or the right project for themselves – with the help of my team and me
  • Target achievement (in terms of sales revenue) for the company, which also means I get a good commission check. 🙂

THANK YOU to all my former and existing clients since 2013.

THANK YOU to all candidates, who trusted me and my work.

THANK YOU to all former and current work colleagues, who never let me down during hard times within our business.

I’m thankful for the positive impact of my career towards my private life. 

I’m happy to share the good news that the renewable energy sector (especially wind offshore) has my commitment that I will continue to put my heart and soul into supporting offshore wind farm projects incl. grid connection and interconnection projects.

Our planet needs us to contribute to sustainable projects today and in future.