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Congratulations! You’ve landed a new job, we hope it’s everything you wanted and you have a really positive experience in your new role.


Here are our top 10 tips to ensure your first week is a successful one.


  • Be punctual

Be on time. It is simple, but first impressions count. We would always recommend (if possible) to do a trial run before your first day to ensure you allow plenty of time and aim to arrive 15 minutes early.


  • Network

Wherever possible, network with your new colleagues across all teams and departments. You will learn so much from people; about their role, projects they’ve been working on, how your departments collaborate… and tips for the best local sandwich shop!


  • Ask Questions

Ask, ask, and ask some more! Asking questions is the best way to learn and ensure you understand everything that is being shared with you. It also demonstrates you’re engaged with who is speaking to you and thinking about how the topic applies to you, how you can improve processes and are genuinely interested.


  • Seek out role models

Is there a middle management or someone who started in your role 6-12 months ago? These are great individuals to speak with and ask questions: what have they achieved/learnt? Do they have any tips? What’s been their greatest challenge? Who would they recommend you speaking with? Is there anything you can be reading in your spare time?


  •  Socialise

Where possible, socialise with your new team. At lunch, go and sit with people in the canteen or, if it’s happening, go and join Friday night drinks at the local pub. Take the opportunity to make new friends and build relationships with your new colleagues. Some people spend more time with their work colleagues than their own friends/family, so it’s important you find some common ground.


  • Read

Take the time to read everything that has been sent to you (properly!!). This includes company wide emails, the organisation’s website, documents sent to you and much more.


  • Be Proactive

Try and recall what was said in your interview – was there anything key or relevant they mentioned your role would be involved with? New projects, rebrands etc. If not, ask what the biggest challenge is for your team and the company, and think, have you got any ideas from previous experience?

However, it is important here to observe first and act second. You want to show your proactive nature and ideas, but it is equally important to get the lay of the land, learn and listen. When you have a solid understanding of the full picture, budget, partners and what your role is to add value, then you can start putting plans together, making suggestions to have an impact.


  • Take Notes

There is a lot of information to absorb in the first week (and month!); everything from your new role responsibilities to IT system logins. We highly recommend you make notes on everything, these will be invaluable and save you from having to repeat questions that you have already been told the answer to in the future.


  • Learn the company culture

Are people chatting in the office or are they very focused? You don’t want to come across as a distraction, likewise, you don’t want to be silent if there is a lot of chatter – try and find some common ground.

Small things like – how long do people take for lunch? Does everyone leave bang on time? A general rule is to follow suit, for your first few weeks anyway, never be the first to leave,but don’t feel you need to be the last either.


  • Ask the question: What does a successful first month/ 6 months look like?

You want to know you’re aspiring towards achievable goals. So talk to your manager and ask the first question, you might also get some new tips or advice on how to fast-track or what to avoid. It also sets you in good stead if you have a probation period or an appraisal – you know what is expected of you to be successful.



If you have any further questions about this or if you wish to contact us directly, please use our contact form