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June 28, 2021

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Developpeur Back JAVA (microservices) :

Building an e-commerce platform

There is several agile teams delivering  platform level domains : customer experience, publication, commerce, identity/orchestration and integration allowing the platform to integrate with the IT capabilities at market level and delivering omnichannel APIs to a Front-end team building customer applications in React as SPA based applications.

Our tech stack for Services 

  • Programming language : Java 11 / OpenJDK
  • Integration patterns: REST APIs (OpenAPI 3.0), Messages/Events (Azure Service Bus, Azure Events and/or Kafka), Orchestration (Zeebee)
  • Microservices stack : Springboot 2.3 / Docker / Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Persistence : Azure CosmosDB
  • Cross cutting concerns : Logback, Istio, Spring Devtools, etc…
  • Authentication using Azure Active Directory B2C / OpenId Connect / PKCE
  • Unit testing : jUnit/Mockito
  • Functional testing : Karate testing / Karate mocks
  • Performance testing : Gatling
  • CICD : Azure DevOps Services (Repos, Artifacts, pipelines), SonarQube
  • Observability platform (APM, RUM, Log management) : Dynatrace or Datadog

Expected activities   

  • Collaborating within a domain team in planning, estimating, defining the detailed architecture and design for services in collaboration with solution architect, PO, QA lead and Scrum
  • Leading the development of services following the hexagonal architecture pattern on the proposed stack within the context of the team
  • Implementation of unit testing
  • Implementation of functional and performance testing automation within the context of an automation first QA strategy
  • Ad hoc DevOps activities with DevOps team in ensuring that the platform follows SRE principles and optimise processes and practices
  • Participating in optimizing the development process within the context of a dedicated Community of Practices (Back-end development)