Q&A with Anas Tayach

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your background! 

After my Master’s degree in international trade, I really wanted to work in sales or in a commercial context. I was always fascinated by new technologies and the idea of working abroad for an international business. With only one year of work experience, at the end of 2014 I moved to London and applied for a job with Halian. That was exactly 7 years ago and in that time I have developed from Junior Consultant to Senior Consultant, to Team Leader and finally to Associate Director. 


Why did you choose Halian?

To be honest, I joined Halian by chance. I knew absolutely nothing about recruitment and not much about the IT industry. But none of that was a problem, because I was able to learn all that through our Sales Academy (12-week internal training). Here, every process is explained in detail, and I noticed straight away that recruitment suits me and is fun. What I like about recruitment is that it’s fast and processes never take long. I really enjoy working with high-ranking CEOs and managers on projects that revolutionise our everyday lives. And of course, I also like the commission model in my job, that’s for sure!


Are you working on any particular project at the moment? 

Currently, one of my biggest clients is looking for Senior Android/Kotlin profiles, so I’m always on the lookout for strong CVs. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact me directly via [email protected]


As a recruiter, how much weight do you give to the Linkedin profile of a freelancer? 

As a recruiter, you are constantly on LinkedIn. It’s a very versatile platform, whether you’re researching new trends or looking for jobs. And that’s why I think it’s very important to keep your profile up to date, especially if you’re a freelancer looking for a job. Describe exactly what you can do and what projects you have been involved in. Think of Linkedin as your own digital business card. It is also important to have up-to-date Github/ Stackoverflow profiles.


When recruiting candidates, what do you look for?

For me, structured and clear communication is important. That’s how I imagine the CV; it should be clear, well structured and above all, up to date. During the personal interview, I make sure that the person radiates a pleasant manner. It is important for many of my clients that the freelancers are flexible in terms of their working locations and the days they can work. It often happens that clients ask for a coding test during an interview, and here too, I take a close look at how my candidates react.  


Do you have any advice for freelancers?

Recruiters, like me, are there to accompany the freelancer in the search for a new position or assignment. It is really important for us that applicants are as transparent as possible about their situation, their wishes and expectations. Providing references, LinkedIn recommendations or examples of work from previous projects can really help land the next job. And never forget, we are humans too! So talk to us, be honest, tell us what your ambitions, wishes and worries are, and we will always try our best to find a perfect job for you.