Wednesday Wisdom: JAVA

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Some might think Java is a little outdated since it’s one of the oldest programming languages – 2021 actually marks it’s 26th birthday! So we tried to figure out why it is still so popular and found some interesting trends for you.

Java is constantly evolving and this is why it always stays up to date with all the technology trends. It became – and still is – one of the most popular and used programming languages for IoT and AI. It can be described as constantly secure, innovative, flexible and powerful.

Even in 2021, tech experts confirm that Java will continue to be the programming language of choice and that the constant demand on Java development skills will rise.

One of the many top trends for Java are Big Data, Spring and serverless architecture. Due to its efficiency and security, Java plays a huge role in big data projects. Tools such as Apache, Hadoop and JFreechart are written in Java. We also have to mention Xplenty, a data integration service that helps transform and move data faster. Set-up times for companies are minimized by Xplenty, making unlocking data much easier than ever before.

Should you still choose Java for your future development project?

Some might say Java is too old to still be in good shape, but we can assure you that the future still looks bright for it. Java plays an important part in the development of many IoT, AI, big data, and blockchain projects. It’s fair to say that Java helps drive IT innovations.

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